About Us

Four Legs Boutique was born out of love for an old coonhound named Doogie Houser. Doogie is an adult rescue and is the most loving and loyal companion a family could ask for. He was surrendered by a family who replaced him with a newer, younger dog, so he needed a home where he could feel secure that he would never be abandoned. Now 11 years old, with arthritis and a weak shoulder, this dog still looks forward to his daily walks - the longer the better!

We wanted to find a way to create a business that would give back to helping other dogs who need love and care, so Four Legs Boutique was born. 10% of your purchases benefit the ASPCA, an organization dedicated to the difficult task of making life better for the most vulnerable and most mistreated pets - dogs and cats who are so severely neglected - pets that just want to be loved and to provide unconditional love to others. 

Although we are still in our infancy, Four Legs Boutique is striving to find new products and adding more products Made in The USA. Keep checking back! We will always work hard to improve our store.


Please feel free to contact us at info@fourlegsboutique.com if you have any product suggestions. We want to help our customers find what they need while giving back to aide the most vulnerable pets.



Gina @ Four Legs Boutique